Social Sciences: Asian Studies
Instructor: Jennifer Lundin Ritchie

Courses Taught:
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ASIA 110: Introduction to Asia (China) at Columbia College

ASIA 150: Introduction to South Asia (Indian Religions) at Columbia College

ASTU 201: Canada, Japan, and the Pacific Rim--Cultural Studies at the University of British Columbia

The Authentic Practitioner: Virtue and Applied Ethics for Health Practitioners at The Insitute of Holistic Nutrition


Jennifer Lundin Ritchie holds an MA degree in Asian Studies from the University of British Columbia (UBC). Her main area of focus is Warring States China, with an emphasis on intellectual history, and specifically Daoism. Her studies have taken her all over the world, including trips to China, Japan, Hong Kong, France, the continental USA and Hawaii, and Germany.

Read her MA thesis, "An Investigation into the Guodian Laozi," here.